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Florimstone Color

by Florim

Clean colour or play with elements. The single color is an easy choice for those who have already decided on a color for their space, as well as for those who need time and prefer to provide color using the furnishing elements. In any situation, FLORIM stone provides the certainty of continuity over time. It fears neither heat nor stains and it does not yellow because it contains no resins.

  • Sppl-Countertop-Florimstone-Color-White (1)
  • Sppl-Countertop-Florimstone-Color-White (2)
  • Sppl-Countertop-Florimstone-Stone-Brown (1)
  • Sppl-Countertop-Florimstone-Stone-Brown (3)
  • Sppl-Countertop-Florimstone-Color-Black (1)


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